Hypnotherapy combines solution-focused psychotherapy with hypnosis to help you make long-lasting, positive changes in your life.

Over the course of a series of sessions, we’ll work together in a collaborative effort to help you rediscover the real you, take control of your life and achieve whatever it is you want to achieve.

Sessions and Pricing

The great thing about solution-focused hypnotherapy is that we work quite quickly. For most issues, we’ll work together for between 6-12 sessions. Most sessions are one hour long, once a week.

The exception to this is quitting smoking, which we can do in a single session lasting between 90 minutes and 2 hours.

Sessions are currently charged at the following rates:

  • Initial Consultation – Free of charge
  • Hypnotherapy sessions – £60
  • Quit smoking hypnotherapy – £150.

Discounts are also available if you buy a package of multiple sessions. These are charged at:

  • £170 – 3 sessions (save £10)
  • £340 – 6 sessions (save £20)
  • £570 – 10 sessions (save £30)
  • £670 – 12 sessions (save £50)

What Happens at the Initial Consultation?

The free initial consultation is our chance to get to know each other and discuss how we’re going to work together.

You’ll have the opportunity to tell me about what you’d like to achieve by coming for hypnotherapy and we’ll talk about your goals and desired outcomes.

I’ll then talk to you a little bit about how hypnotherapy can help, what’s going on in the brain when we suffer from problems such as the ones you might be having and, most importantly, what we can do about those problems.

We’ll agree on an appropriate treatment plan and book you in for your first hypnotherapy session to get you on your way to more happiness, more freedom, and more control.

What Happens at the Hypnotherapy Sessions?

While trance and relaxation does play a big part in our regular sessions, there’s more to it than that.

We’ll start by chatting about all the progress you’ve been making and I’ll work with you to cultivate the kind of positive mindset that’s going to be hugely beneficial for you when it comes to achieving your goals. I’ll also help you to visualise your desired outcomes, focussing on what you do want rather than what you don’t.

From there, I’ll gently guide you into hypnosis which is just like a deep state of relaxation. This process allows us access your subconscious mind, helping us to strengthen that positive mindset and ensure you have all the motivation, confidence, and creative solutions you need to succeed.

What Happens at a Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Session?

Quit smoking hypnotherapy sessions are different than most sessions. We only need a single session though they do take much longer. I usually ask clients to set aside two hours for a smoking cessation session, though it may not take us the full two hours.

Again, we’ll talk about how what you want to achieve by coming for hypnotherapy. You’ll have the opportunity to tell me why you want to quit and what you want your life to be like as a happy, healthy non-smoker.

I’ll then talk to you a little about how we’re going to help you, about why our primitive, about why you may have found it difficult to quit in the past, but why this time it’s going to be easy.

Finally, we’ll use a longer hypnosis session through which you can return to the non-smoking mindset that is your natural way of being  and your true self, allowing you to enjoy all that freedom, health, wealth, and happiness that you deserve.